Eye Tools Readers


Excellence in Creating and Selling
Value-Added Eyewear is Our Family's Business and Our Passion

Eye-Tools™ is one of the family of brands of the Seaver Company. Established in 1982 the Seaver Company is family owned and operated. Our offices are in LeSueur, MN a farming community south of Minneapolis/St Paul. The Seaver Company has grown from its earliest days to become a leading importer and distributor of eyewear serving over 3,000 stores across 24 states. The company continues in LeSueur in large part because of the great work ethic we've found in the community.

It Begins with Great Product We see every pair of reading glasses, sunglasses, goggles and accessories as representing our family's brand – so you can imagine we take pride in producing quality eyewear products. And Eye-Tools is no exception.

Our "Edge" Says it All: Value-Added Protection and Performance in Every Pair of Eyewear With Eye-Tools we took our ‘edge’ to heart. We know our customers are hands-on in a range of activities and sports. We saw an opportunity to reinvent reading glasses to meet the needs of outdoors people and DIY’ers who would benefit from protection and clarity in their eyewear. And so the Eye-Tools line of performance readers was created. We’ve built Eye-Tools to be the most functional line of reading glasses available. With Eye-Tools we believe you will find the right tool for the job.

Customer Service Begins Right Here Every employee contributes to the Eye-Tools brand experience. It starts with sales but that's not where service ends. We recognize the importance of service after the sale as well. Our warehouse team is dedicated to ensuring our customers' orders are picked correctly and delivered on time. The entire team takes pride in its ability to deliver our customers excellent service even before our product leaves the door.