Eye Tools Readers


Select the Right Tool for the Job with
Eye-Tools Performance Readers.

Why Do I Need Reading Glasses?

For most people in their mid-40's reading glasses are required to make out fine print or the Phillips head screw top. With the amount of time spent on computers and smart phones - clear vision, especially up close, is imperative.

While there is no cure for the common condition called presbyopia, the loss of near vision caused by aging, there’s no reason to discontinue doing the things you love… repairing, reading or just being outdoors. With Eye-Tools™ Performance Readers the details up close are sharp and you’ll have the extra protection of shatterproof Polycarbonate or glare-fighting Polarized lenses. Eye-Tools are readers reinvented.

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Eye-Tools Readers Come in the Powers Listed Below

Pro, Elite and Sportiv Mariner
1.00 Mild 1.50 Mild
1.50 Mild 2.00 Medium
2.00 MEDIUM 2.50 Mild